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The Italian Heritage Act, 2010

On September 16, 2010, Provincial Member of Parliament Mario Sergio introduced for first reading a Private Members Bill that seeks to recognize the hard work of Italian immigrants in Ontario.

The Bill was co-sponsored by Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman and NDP MPP Rosario Marchese and received all party support in the legislature.

There are over 1,350,000 Italian Canadians living in the Province of Ontario and many of them have made significant contributions to the betterment of their communities.

The Bill seeks to make June the month to celebrate and remember all that the italian immigrant has done and continues to do for the benefit of all.

It  also seeks to provide the Italian Canadian community an opportunity to educate the general public about issues where Italian Canadians have made a difference and contributed for the betterment of society.

The month long celebration will be used to further educate the youth about the importance of tradition, family, tolerance and awareness.

It will be an opportunity to inspire youth by teaching them the importance and significance of the efforts of past generations of Italian Canadians and the importance of contributing to the betterment of society.

In order for the Bill to become law it will require a second reading, possibly Committee reports and finally a third reading.

The National Congress of Italian Canadians-Toronto District is of the view that there is no need for Committee meetings or reviews and that third reading should be given immediately following second reading on October 7, 2010.  It should be passed unanimous by all Members as a sign of their recognition of all that the Italian Canadian community has done for Ontario on that day.

Furthermore, as the Province with the largest Italian Canadian population, the Legislature will send a clear and unequivocal acknowledgment for all that has been done by the Italian Canadians to make this a better home for all of us.

This web page is dedicated to ensure the Bill becomes law on October 7, 2010 and I would ask anyone wishing to post their support to do so by e-mailing:

On a final note, we will be contacting every MPP in the Province prior to October 7, 2010 and asking them to publicly state their position regarding the passage of this Bill.  This site will record their position. If you note that there is no response, contact your MPP and ask why he/she has not responded.

It is hoped that by working together, we will have declared unanimity prior to October 7, 2010.

Michael Tibollo
National Congress of Italian Canadians - Toronto District

Villa Charities
Villa Charities

We are truly blessed to live in a country where, as immigrants we can be proud of our culture heritage and traditions while at the same time be fiercely Canadian. I am pleased to add my support to the proposed provincial legislation, Bill-103 designating June as Italian Heritage Month.

Julian Fantino

Took notice of this event while viewing the current president on Johnny Lombardi this past Sunday. As one who is actively involved in the Ottawa Italian community, I applaud this and have cast my vote for this Bill. Here in Ottawa, June is the month when the community celebrates the life of St. Anthony with our annual feast day celebrations followed by our Settimana Italiana. I also think of June, especially June 1940 when so many naturalized Canadians were apprehended and sent off to internment camps, my grandfather being one. Marking June as an offical heritage month would be wonderful for the many number of Italians in the province of Ontario. Bravo!

Trina Powell

Italian Heritage Month
Active Green Ross Letter

Subject: Italian Heritage Month Act 2010

Bravo to the Government of Ontario!
It is with great pride that I (a very proud Caanadian with Italian Origin) too salute the efforts of Mario Sergio and everyone involved in having this wonderful idea brought to fruition.

As President of the Vasto Social Club of Toronto, I will be advising our membership of this fabulous news at our next General Meeting on September 28, 2010.

Viva L'Italo-Canadese and Viva Ontario (our motto for generations to come!!)


I know Michael Tibollo from the Caritas foundation board, which I was not able to continue to serve some time ago.

I really appreciate that this wonderful news was forwarded to me. I would like to share something in return with Michael on the same subject.

Would you please resend this email message to me. I was cutting and pasting and I may have messed something up.

I would like to share this with my personal network.

Carlo Colacci

Thank you! Well done, Michael!

Paul Paletta

Hi Michael:

Great News! We'll have to find a special way to celebrate next June.

I'll be glad to be involved in activities with my new business Rainbow Caterpillar selling children's books in Italian and other languages.

Thanks for sharing the news, hope to see you soon.



Eric Bellisario

Thank you for the information.

Elisa Suppa

Thank you Michael:

We will celebrate next June.

I would like to share this great news with our membership.

Frank Sblendorio
La Motta Social Club

Thanks Michael.

Gaetano Mazzella


This is great news. I will notify the members of the Federazione.

Grazia Piccolo

GOOOD and Grazie.


Ciao Maria

Please express to Michael what great news this is for all Canadians of Italian heritage.

Thank You,


Maria V.

Please give my congratulations to Michael!

Maria M.


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Mr. Michael Tibollo
National Congress of Italian Canadians (Toronto District)
340 Falstaff Avenue, Ste. 202
Toronto, ON M6L 3E8

Dear Mr. Tibollo:

Re: Bill 103 An Act to proclaim the month of June “Italian Heritage Month” Canada’s rich mosaic of cultures and peoples is a testament to the great importance of multiculturalism and the celebration of ethnicity. Much of this is due to the great role Canada played in immigration history and in welcoming individuals from different parts of the world. Since the 1800’s, immigrants have been coming to Canada contributing and making a difference to the Canadian socio-cultural, political and economical landscape. These individuals have been significant to the growth of Canada; one group in particular, who has played and continues to play a major role in shaping Canada, is Italian Canadians.

The passing of Bill 103 would be a significant milestone for Italian Canadians because it acknowledges the sacrifices, hard work and efforts of past generations. In coming to a new country they had great determination to succeed despite obstacles that might have come their way. Bill 103 recognizes the contributions of Italians in all sectors of Canadian life throughout the provinces and the historic role Italians played in community building. The passing of Bill 103 is crucial for today’s youth and future generations, to educate them about their rich cultural heritage and the need for a more tolerant society who holds in high regard the respect, dignity, value and self-worth of the other. Bill 103 embraces multiculturalism and celebrates the contributions of immigrants in shaping the great country that we call Canada.

We, the Italian Canadian youth, strongly support Bill 103 because it is a part of our rich cultural identity. Our forefathers have made many sacrifices through their hard work and have paved a great road for our future. It is time that Canada recognizes their contributions and accomplishments.

Italian Canadians and Italian Canadian Youth together, let us celebrate our proud heritage.

Cosmo Femia
Hon. B.A., M.A., B.Ed
FGIC President


Ciao Michele,

Voglio rivolgerti i miei sentiti auguri e complimenti per l'approvazione del disegno di legge dell'Italian Heritage Act. Orgoglioso del mio essere italiano, spero di poter festeggiare insieme questo importante traguardo.

Cordiali saluti,

York Police